After years having huge issue about ATI gpu for not having the right coloring and rendering taste i've decided to return back to NVIDIA gpu after aquire a proper card that fits my latest replacement for my Intel workstation, it was a great garage bargain though. Considering me on tight budgets and performance limits on my mobo and cpu i decided to put 9800GT PCI-E 512GDDR3 (256bit) card on. 24 hours of rendering test, color check and AA test it looks like this one fits my requirement and on the budget. The sweet "AA" features reminds me of the good old 6800GT before it burned by heat and miles ahead of 7600GS. As for ATI's XT1550 Pro i've decided to sell it off just to get rid years of my pain in me. 9800GT seems to be old T-shirt for todays gamers but for me its more than enough to get the job done. Expected to have a great design and models produce through this GPU unit. I'm hitting some test models on LFS driving simulator....LFS? Yes all my new models will be ported to LFS (Life For Speed) in the future.