Project Silent Echo commenced!  Took me a month to jump start a plan for a new car design,   with piles of documentation, latest ideas and discovery i've jot down all necessary info on draft sheets.  Currently as shown are few key feature that will be implemented in the new design:
Drafted key features
-Electric driven.
-Simple transmission and gearing
-Less mechanical movement + less redundancy
-Kinetic + Tremor generator
-2 stage Boost tanks + turbo boost module
-Eye level HUD
-OLED material
-Super lightweight chassis more others to come

There are more feature expected to emerged and it will be materialised through presentation of 3d designs which is the main core of this project.  The protocol how these system works also will be shown in 3d models.  I'd expect there will be more than 50 parts that made up a complete car assembly.  Currently i'm started building an under plate chassis.