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fpvb 1s osd 9Months ago i received this micro little thing that revolutionized micro/nano sized FPV flight courtesy of FPVHOBBY.com, it is a "Micro size 1s powered OSD" (Micro 1s OSD) .  If you're newb about OSD its an "On Screen Display" module (OSD for short) which display layout of value on the screen for example shows numeric display of battery info or other numeric/alphabetical data on the FPV screen layout. There are bunch of OSD made for several flying platform but sadly most existing popular OSD module need to be powered minimal at least 5V and above to get it working with FPV equipment which is why it can be found on most big or mini size 2s lipo powered FPV platform running atleast on 250 multirotor size.   But with this "Micro 1s OSD" module thalogo fpvhobby comt can operate on 1 cell lipo with voltage range between 6v to 3v, we can finally convert and run any 1s lipo operated FPV platform popularly on toy size mini or nano size because its smaller, cheaper and most people dreamed to fly indoor and narrow obstacles without burning our pockets by using toy grade multirotors.

Btw just quick info about www.fpvhobby.com that introduce this products, if you're looking to go James Bond on your FPV creation this website offer lots of mind boggling cool miniature micro to nano size hardware or in a simple word an FPV paradise for micro/nano size FPV builder.  Its the only website i knew that sale the smallest FPV hardware in the world. How cool is that. Do check their cool product.


Specification (as describe by vendor/manufacturer)

fpvb 1s osd 2Item Name: MICRO 1S OSD (They didn't specified the official product name yet, so roughly named it.)

Specification of OSD module:
Screen format support:  PAL and NTSC auto detect
Power Supply display on screen (Batt 1):
Power Supply display on screen (Batt 2): 6v~0v
Optional port:  Voltage regulator and RSSI (Not yet confirm)
Size: 20mm X 15mm X 3mm
Weight: 1.1g


  • Support dual battery monitoring (Batt1/Batt2)
  • Video in/out
  • Voltage regulator and RSSI support (Not yet confirm but pin exist)
  • Auto switch to NTSC/PAL support
  •  Programmable/flash-able wit custom firmware  (Not yet confirm but mentioned)


 Package included:    
1x Micro 1s OSD


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  • Ultra small and lightweight, able to fit on any micro/nano size FPV platform especially cheap toy grade 1s lipo powered quadcopter. You won't realized it exist or visible on the board.

  • Powered 1 cell lipo.  What more can we ask, awesome.

  • Support dual battery indicator.  Now we know how much power left during flight.


  • Earlier releases doesn't come with timer display which is standard feature on most OSD module so i don't know how long i've been flying through screen. Other unconfirm features are RSSI and voltage regulator as the pins layout clearly printed on the board.

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 Quality and performance.

fpvb 1s osd 7Out of the box there's not much mods needed unlike other OSD which need firmware flashing and etc to get it work, just solder the require video and battery wires to the board pin and that's it. Its a 5 minutes of soldering work and then you can fly it.  The module is smaller than that of stamp size  so it most likely to fit any corner of your flying model.  As for me i use spongy double sticky tape to keep it in place on the V929 quadcopter flight controller board and it works great.   My setup consist of 2x 1s lipo. 1x lipo to power the main quadcopter and another 1x lipo to power the FPV camera and a nano size video transmitter.  On the screen, the left show value of Main battery (Batt 1)and the right side show my FPV video battery (Batt 2).  The numefpvb 1s osd 25ric font size was almost bold and clearly visible throughout the flight on FPV screen which is great for visiblity.  Rcgroups member "FPVIstanbul" which is the owner of FPVHOBBY.COM who produce this module says currently the module is still in beta stage so i can understand it could be improve if given time and few tests since its not yet in full commercial status.  During the flight there no screen distortion due to current fluctuation, fades or annoying line produces by overall FPV hardware through this OSD just like any normal OSD does which is good after i did multiple flights until the battery drains off.  Most wavy and vibration on the FPV live flight as seen in the attached video is due to my unbalance propellers which is understandable.


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MediasHere are sample of video of  i posted on my Youtube channel, the footage was recorded on my low quality DVR during live recording so it doesn't do much justice to actual quality. So hope you understand that.  This unit tested on WL-TOYS V929 because its the only quadcopter that powered on 1s li-po.








Here are list of reputable vendor/seller which i bought from and also verified by community forum discussion groups.:
Seller FPVhobby.com:  Micro 1s OSD module.

Support group:

Places where you can find help and resources related to this product:
Topic: Rcgroups - OSD for 1s lipo



The introduction of 1S powered micro OSD have drastically change the perspectivefpvb 1s osd 26 of micro/nano size FPV flight.  With this amazing micro size OSD people now can convert any micro/nano size flying model especially cheap toy grade multirotor into full FPV flight experience in complete setup.  Now we can fly safely and less doubtful  how much power we have left throughout the flight knowing when the battery is going to drain out before we can decide to return to home base.  As for me its a dream come trufpvb 1s osd 19e after me and bunch of micro fanatics have been searching around the internet for ages to find solution to implement OSD feature in FPV micro size flight especially since there are handful of cheap toy drone splashing into the market and local toy store available at extremely cheap price. It also pave ways to enjoy FPV flight indoor at our very living room and as great pocket size drone invention.  Unfortunately at the time of writing this review the product is not yet in production for full commercial releases as more test are needed, so the price of the products is unknown.   I'm hoping to see more updates and progress on Micro 1S OSD at http://www.fpvhobby.com since the one he gave us was beta test product yet to unleash it full potential.  I do have to remind you that this is indeed the first 1s OSD module release in the world at the time of its release on October 2015.  If they do release some commercially i'm likely to get some for my remaining 1s FPV project since i have handful of V929's, cheapo toy rotors and nano quads in my desk.  So stay tune for updates. 


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