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mjx x600 1Tell you the truth i didn't ordered this one nor even expected to receive this for test and review.   During my so called 'review hibernation' period i was expecting YIZHAN TARANTULA X6 to arrive but after many weeks the support from GearBest.com inform me that TARANTULA X6 was MIA or drifted into space and beyond...so they decided to send me a replacement or offer me option 'B' that is the MJX X600.  First of all i must say people at GearBest.com constantly did great job monitoring the delivery progress and inform me the status even i didn't even bother to check or request/complain about it.  Great job guys and thanks.   Ok so i got this cool MJX X600 3 weeks later after the offer......................ironically the prodigal son YIZHAN TARANTULA X6 was return from round world trip just few days before MJX X600 arrival...duh.  Hey that's great i got two multirotors to have fun with, lol.

Let's get back to X600, well the first impression before unboxing was the gearbest logopackaging looks tempting.  The box looks great with written details, photos of X600 front and back ..something you would felt when holding a first released Play Station 4 box....oohh..  I realized from the optional feature mention on the box it has other models with FPV camera wifi video wireless to smartphone connection feature as opposed to stock non-camera ones...i should have request the 'other' one....i shouldn't complain about free stuff so lets move on. After unboxing and bunch of drooling all over touching the models, controllers and accessories i must say for the price of USD$52.78 (by 20 July 2015) its seems to be extremely affordable for its quality.  Honestly if nobody know about the price by looking at it someone would have predicted somewhere above USD$100 or more because the quality and designs of this hexacopter looks very high quality and very 'pro' like hobby grade model.  The controllmjx x600 16er looks very 'hobby grade' too, professional like design....you don't feel cheap or look cheap when using it....or don't felt ashame flying in front of the pro flyer.  This set really have looks and shouts quality.  If you ever own a set of WALKERA's brand then MJX quality should be on the same shelf with WALKERA too.  One of the most attributes i like about this hexacopter the most is all 6x rotors spins smoothly without binding as i turn it around with my finger....spins flawlessly without friction....a quality something you'd find on earlier multirotor such as WL-V929 with ball-bearings rotors....excellent 5/5 thumbs up to MJX products.  The second feature i like about X600 that it uses 2s 7.4v 700mah li-po battery ideal to power add-on FPV hardware especially to power up OSD module.  The third feature i like is the body design was elegant and the plastic assembly are solid, no creaks, no gap, very durable plastic plus it came in with BLACK MATTER color something you associate with LAMBORGHINI REVENTON...lol.  This model is a master piece.....and of course...there is a huge ON/OFF switch embedded above the body, very convenient.


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mjx x600 32Model: MJX X600 Headless Mode 2.4G Remote Control Hexacopter 6 Axis Gyro 3D Roll Stumbling UFO
Stabilization/gyro: 6 axis gyro stabilization system
Control mode: Low rate (for beginner) + Medium (Intermediate) + High rate (for expert)
Quadcopter battery: 2s 7.4V 700 mAh li - poly battery
Flight time: Flying Time: 8~10mins
Charging Time: Approx. 120mins
Frame material: Plastic (Black Matte color)
Night flight: Yes - 6x LED luminance on rotor arm (4x Blue LED below front and side arm + 2x Red LED below rear arm)
Battery warning level: Yes - On board LED blink.
Rotor:  6x Coreless brushed motor on spur gear drives. (Hexacopter configuration)
Hexacopter size:  38 x 42.5 x 6mm

mjx x600 37Remote Control: 2.4G wireless technology
Control Distance:
150m (Max)
Basic functions: Up/down, Forward/backward, Turn left/right, Sideward flight, 3D rollover, 360 degrees spin.
Optional feature: Wireless wifi FPV on smartphone
Headless mode:
Yes and One Key Retun to Home
Transmitter battery required: 6 x 1.5V AA battery (not included)

Age group usage:  14 and above
Handling:  Indoor and outdoor.  Windy weather required to activate "High rate" mode on controller.

Package included:    
1x Hexacopter X600
1x Transmitter
1x Li-po battery charger for charging x600 li-po battery
1x English Manual
6x Spare blade
6x Prop guards
1x Pair of landing skid installation
1x Mini screw driver and screws set.
1x 2s 7.4v 700mah li-po battery


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  • Beautiful  and smooth designed airframe. Very ergonomic in looks. Black Matte color looks very elegant.

  • Robust and durable rotor arm.  Fully encased rotor gear spur.

  • Rotor case can be separated from the main heaxacopter body for easy maintenance and motor replacement.

  • Plastic quality is excellent and have very solid assembly.

  • Candy luminous LED lighting effect under the rotor arm for better visual aid at night.

  • 6-axis gyro allow better control and stability.  Flip function works extremely well. Can handle windy condition when "High rate" mode is switched on  the controller.

  • Professional design like controller, proportional and straight forward flying control.  Doesn't feel cheap and handles well.  Almost looks hobby grade alike.

  • Propeller guard lightweight and durable enough to handle crashes and protect he propeller.

  • Big "ON-OFF" switches above the body allow easy activation.


  • Landing skid not high enough to give clearance to use popular H camera such as MOBIUS and RUNCAM HD (1080p) between landing skids.

  • Orientation can be slightly confusing when flying line of sight. Solution by placing bright or colored stickers on front arms can solve the problem.

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First flight impression and maintenance.

mjx x600 62Not bad at all...my first impression flying X600 was positive, its can fly fast if you want it too, can handle moderate wind, hands free stable and not twitchy or as robotics movement as TARANTULA X6.  Flew smooth and very stable which you can fly it hands free.  Immediately what came up in my mind after few minutes of test flight was like....."dang! this little turd needs to be FPV'ed!" ...so i did. Few days later it was full fledge FPV multirotor after quick modification from left over FPV parts.   However X600 have one issue regarding visibility and visual handling.  X600 model comes in both 'clean plain' white and black color and its flat appearances make its very difficult to judge the orientation when you fly at moderate distance and during the bright day light the LED won't help much.  I advice first timer to stick a brightly lit sticky tape of opposite color against the model color and stick it around the 2x front most of mjx x600 85rotor arm to allow you to know which is front and back side of the model during flight when flying line of sight.   Flying agility is like my old WL-V929 and FPV250 racer with added hands free stability with extra power on demand, the differences is that X600 have extra 2x rotor hence hexacopter.  The big ON/OFF switch also make its easier to activate the hexacopter without needed to flip around plug and unplug battery like you see on conventional  multirotor.

On maintenance side there not much an issue to worry about as the electronic guts and rotors are fully encase in solid and durable frame.  After the first 5 days of outdoor flight there no damages or something that affect the rotor performance...all runs greats without needed maintenance.  However if one day it does need to do coreless motor replacement to replace worn out motor, you don't have to disassemble the whole body to access one rotor assembly. The affected rotor 'pod' can be detached easily by unscrew one screw and detached it/unclip the rotor pod by pulling it outwards from the arm.  The wire inside will also detached easily since its collenected by plug clip.  This clever modular design make maintenance easy, less time required and clean. I like that.

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Skills requirement.

As usual (as repeated sentences from previous preview) this is build for both beginner and intermediate pilot.   Very docile and tame enough to control for those who just join into R/C flying and also good enough for any intermediate to expert pilot who like to bash around the park.  Hands free its hover nicely thanks to 6x Axis gyro feature and also has IOC headless flight and one key return home (compass driven..which i felt very absurd feature i never use).  Yes it does flip 360 easily with a flick of the button...kids love them....don't flip too much or you'll worn out the coreless motor lifespan.   Its has three mode of flight that can adjust flight sensitivity and speed to cater various type of user handling experience.   So you don't need to have ninja skills or pro to buy this, with your lousy flying skills you can fly immediately and stick on your favorite spy cam....i mean very lightweight spy cam.

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FPV modifications.

mjx x600 69MJX X600 coming in stock without camera for me but since i pretty much an FPV (First Person View) flight enthusiast i decided to give an FPV modification a go since i have bunch of left over micro FPV parts from previous project.  Before such decision to do it i did open up the body and disassembled the parts to see if it has enough space to fit in those FPV parts without making it look bulky and ugly from external looks, fortunately it has more space than i've anticipated to fit in parts required to make an FPV mods a success. With FPV mods i can pushes X600 to its limited and i know when my battery is going to cut-off since its shows it battery level on the screen via OSD module. Below are list of parts added to make the modification possible:

mjx x600 48

With the above setup the overall flying weight was approximately at 180gram and able to fly approximately 9 minutes of flight time.  Not bad at all for a coreless motor driven hexacopter with full FPV specification.  I also did a simple minor modification to improve the stock radio range on the X600 radio receiver antenna within the body.  By default the antenna was cramped and bent inside the plastic housing which is a bad way to receive radio frequency from the pilot controller.  The solution is to poke a hole on the plastic body cover exactly above the antenna and then let the antenna stand straight and through the hole to get much efficient area to be expose to radio transmitter frequency and improve flight distance/range.  The battery bay on X600 enough to cramp in extra smaller 1s 200mw 3.7v li-po battery that power both FPV camera and video transmitter, placed on the out edge rear body enough for the lid to completely close .  Overall after the modification the external looks clean and no one knows its was modded to FPV.   Awesome.

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MediasHere are sample of gallery and video of unboxing, testing and flight on MJX X600 i posted on my Youtube channel,  should give you some glimpse of how it runs and handles, Enjoy.




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Here are list of reputable vendor/seller which i bought from and also verified by community forum discussion groups. Also i've experienced buying from these places that have good support and services:

Support group

Places where you can find help and resources related to this product:
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Troubleshooting and FAQ

mjx x600 56Here are common things you need to know else if you do encounter problem with X600....

  • Short range problem flying less than 150m?:
    Answer:  You can't expect much for long performance  at such price but the claim flying at 150m distance is achievable only if you lift the controller higher than your waistline because the fact is the transmitter module and the antenna itself was located at the very bottom of the transmitter sandwich between the battery bay and the LCD panel which deter from emitting the radio frequency more efficiently. So if you need to extend the range or you felt you almost lost control at such distance lift the controller higher above your head to regain control over your quad so that the radio frequency can disperse without obstruction. 



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First impression when i look at this hexacopter it was like owning an exmjx x600 88pensive quality hobby grade multirotor thanks to its sleek and modern design not only affordable and something you can be proud enough to show off your friends and club  that you have cool looking flying machine without looking like a loser.  It handles great in moderate wind, have adequate range around 150m for its price, lots of compatible spare parts that fits in X600  for example coreless motor matches V929/UDI size or Walkera Ladybird/S100 motors, lots of compatible 2s 7.v size lipo battery and also very durable airframe too. It does carry lightweight 720p HD 808# 16 keychain or if you must run on 1080p MOBIUS or RUNCAM  HD you must strip off the casing to reduce the weight as it has limited flying weight capacity to keep the runtime at acceptable performance without wear and tear the motors.  If you enjoy flying around the park, something looks good on your table and very creative into modding into FPV capable multirotor then the X600 is a must have gem.  Try it, its a crowd magnet. *wink* *wink*.

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