Hey people! I'm back with a surprise!  I was busy in the background for months and finally yesterday i've just opened a new free community website where you can proudly showcase inventory of your R/C models collection and detailed setup which you can share with global R/C enthusiast. The new site url address is:

The reason i build this website for all is because we all always encountered the same question all the time from people;
"Can you share your R/C setup?".  

Instead of keep repeating textbook of answers to our curious fan you can share bulk information of your R/C model setup with just a click to your model page setup that you've created and that's it.  At the Clip 6same time people get to know your R/C collection you have accumulate throughout your lifetime in your inventory.  With this new website everyone can browse their favorite models, check & compare setup, look at performance stats and other reference that helps other people to build and improve their R/C models.

For now at the time of writing i've in progress populating my R/C collection in my own inventory.  You can get your own too for free by registering and login to your account.   Make use of the website and store your historic collection of R/C.

The website is not static as it is and it will grow with new inventory/database features as R/C model hobby evolve over time.  Let me know if you have any ideas to contribute to the growth of this website.  Hope to see you all in there and share your great R/C collection.  Enjoy!

David L.


Clip 7