altNew "RACE GEAR" is staying here to replace the aging half torso vehicle driver "HEAD GEAR" that was released more than two years ago. Now the new "RACE GEAR" driver come with full scale/complete body model / full length torso for 4x4evo1/2 plus dirt worthy details with rugged design racing apparel including radical shoes, Concept Design MX style helmet and heavy duty racing suits. Also this package comes with custom made solid racing steering wheels with riveted steering pivot and 4 thumb buttons including NO2 button on high resolution texture. Well made models for hardcore racer. Enjoy!

General info | model: RG-XL RED SAPPHIRE | platform: PC / Mac | version: 4x4 evo1 & evo2 | format: Driver.pod | avg file size: 719KB(evo1), 840KB(evo2) | date release: 25-4-2005 | last Updated: -- | accessibility: Racing Mode | model type: Driver

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