Here my personal theme that i want for myself, its another one of those legacy color scheme of my choice:

YELLOW: aggressive, dare, extreme, power,domination.

WHITE: original, softness, passion, simplicity, freedom.

BLACK/METAL: secret, noir, mysterious, radical.

All these three color are my favorite color which resemble some kind of "YIN and Yang" stuff sort to day. Its a contrast which give unique presentation to SupermotoXL Design. Its almost been four year i haven't made any personal color theme for my models since the last "XENO" models. The previous one kinda have an old expired taste. This design much suit for more rugged off-roading. Luckily i don't have to buy too much off-roading alttoys. I can make myself and ride this.

This truck have normal features as the original stock version, so there not much difference between the previous batch of MAXXIMUS release in both handling and performance. This truck have an extra accessories; a winch which can be used to hook up any obstacles which an event where you get stuck in 4x4evo2 game.

Personally i was thinking to make this one looks like an R/C (Radio Control) style Stadium Truck but i keep this one at normal looks. Another new batches should be more radical coming in soon with my favorite color theme and more phat looking wheels.

General info | models: MAXXIMUS CD 16.6 XL-SE ATX | platform: PC / Mac (e2) | version: 4x4 evo2 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 5.28MB (evo2) | date released: 5-Mar-2008 | last updated: 7-Mar-2008 (fix invisible wheels problem on open-GL front end graphic mode.)

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