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*Note:  This 3d printed kit fit nicely on 1:24 scale R/C model especially on 1:24 scale SUBOTECH CoCo 4WD chassis with slight modification to electronics placement and shock mount, but if you need to fit into other 1:24 scale R/C model chassis or nearest size you will need to manually re-tamiya bigwig 1scale/resize the *.STL parts before printing and also the decals that comes with the package.

*Credits: The TAMIYA branding and all the replica TAMIYA Plastic models shown here are copyright of TAMIYA CORPORATION, you may download and use it freely for your own recreational use and for non-profit/non-commercial use.  Re-selling/sale/commercial distribution on this "3d printed parts and *.STL" are prohibited.

About: The BIGWIG
I discovered TAMIYA BIGWIG in 1990 TAMIYA Catalog which i begged my father to buy the Catalog when me and my father travelling around the town nearby hobby store as it was the only item i could afford to buy than purchasing actual radio control models, i was still young back then at about 12 years old.... i still remember how the catalog book smells like.  Having the TAMIYA Catalog was the only thing that bond me with the Radio Control hobby world and valuable reference to fill my young little brain with technical knowledgetamiya bigwig 5 on hobby  products despite at home i only own cheap non-proportional TAIYO R/C buggy.  That catalog sure put a big smile for almost a year and keeps me awake at midnight under the torchlight  on bed just to read and awe all those models inside the catalogue hoping someday i own one of this marvellous kit. Along my favorites like the HOTSHOT and the BOOMERANG there one particular eye candy buggy that caught my attention and yet fill years of curiosity about its existence since it looks different than other buggies in the catalog, by far more wedgy than BOOMERANG, very bright colored and sporty like some F1 on dirt track and also share the same chassis builds and tyres as the HOTSHOT and BOOMERANG.  The BIGWIG has long put huge question mark on top of my head during my younger days questioning why it was design in such way and curious if it exist as real thing until the internet came by few decades later allow me to do some research about BIGWIG background..indeed it was based on real thing with tamiya bigwig 16slight aero modification by famed japanese designer Mr. Takuya Yura, president of the Mooncraft Company.  

The original BIGWIG was introduced in 1986  and re-released again to present time 2017 however with slight differences in decals which omit copyrighted brands such as  PENZOIL, D.CEPEK and other sponsor decals.   So to re-lived my back my childhood nostalgia i decided to replicated the original 1980's BIGWIG by working on 3d model version of it then 3d printing to fit for 1:24 scale R/C buggy chassis (SUBOTECH CoCo platform) and restore back it original decals matching its original period.  After a month working on replication project the 1:24 scale 3D printed BIGWIG body kit  fitted on generic mini 4WD R/C chassis was born. All i can say when i look back the finished production of replica BIGWIG i felt tears falling down my cheek just to realized how far i've been walking on such a long journey to step high into on top of the world of radio control models.  Was once a simple a Catalog, and now i own a hangar of great collection of  hobby models and creations.  My life is a journey, an exciting one. :)

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Specification & requirements:

  1. You will need to have a 1:24 scale SUBOTECH CoCO 4WD chassis/RTR (Ready To Run) package.
  2. You will need Inkjet color printed to print the decals on A4 size paper without need to re-scale/resize.
  3. High resolution printing with 0.2 or less nozzle and full inner filling desity or max layer required to print the parts.  Parts that i printed is on ABS material.
  4. You will need to prepare various grid of sanding paper to smoothen the surface of 3D printed parts.
  5. For painting you will need to have TAMIYA acrylic/spray to paint the models to actual replica.


Complete assembly parts:

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Blow-out parts:

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How to:

Fitting the electronics into the frame will need a lot of work and bunch of fine soldering skills especially for power wiring connected to ESC and brushless motor. Because its so compact you will need to remove any plugs, surplus wirings and etc if necessary to get it fit perfectly

  1. SUBOTECH Onboard integrated electronics bulk plastic case box need to be remove to expose bare electronics PCB board to allow more tamiya bigwig 8compact fitting under the 3D printed body.
  2. Front suspension shock mount/tower mount need to be remove and the top shocks eyelet shifted to lower position and screw in place where the shock mount lower based was screwed in.
  3. SUBOTECH stock rubber tyres need to be carefully peel off from its wheels, the tyres will be mounted on newly 3d printed wheels.
  4. The downloaded package already included re-size decals for A4 size colored printing, you can print directly without needed to re-scale during printing.
  5. Some parts assembly need to be snap-in and glued together.
  6. To attached the completed 3d printed body/parts onto the R/C models chassis you may need to DIY or improvise self create solution to do it.  You can either fit it together using sticky 3M double sided tape under the body, fabric Velcro, using magnet post mount or using back traditional snap pin to the body post mount which required to drill a hole on the 3d printed body..its all up to you to think about how to mount it especially when mounting on other type of chassis other than on SUBOTECH CoCo model.


alt Galleryalt Video | alt Download STL file for 3D printing (Already include printing decals sheet)




Your shopping list to buy parts to build the above model:
* You can also use other type of 1:24 scale R/C chassis as long you can manual scale or resize the parts accordingly.

1:24 SUBOTECH CoCo 4WD RTR package:tamiya bigwig 15


Support and references:
Community support/Review article about 1:24 scale SUBOTECH CoCo and also other references.


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