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*Note:  This 3d printed kit fit nicely on 1:24 scale R/C model especially on 1:24 scale WL-Toys A212, but if you need to fit into other 1:24 scale R/C model chassis or nearest size you will need to manually re-scale/resize the *.STL parts before printing and also the decals that comes with the package. tamiya nisssan kingcab15However the wheels fitting are design for WL-Toys A212.

*Credits: The TAMIYA branding and all the replica TAMIYA Plastic models shown here are copyright of TAMIYA CORPORATION, you may download and use it freely for your own recreational use and for non-profit/non-commercial use.  Re-selling/sale/commercial distribution on this "3d printed parts and *.STL" are prohibited.


Back when i was young in 1990 i had this catalog book drooled over one of TAMIYA R/C truck that caught my attention and it was the first scale Race breed truck i get to know in R/C world other than Race buggy, it was the 1:10 scale TAMIYA NISSAN KING CAB.  It my was first love in sight because unlike others like Monster Truck style chassis this one is looks very racer class of its kind, beautiful red, blue, white race liverly, had full racing independent suspension similar of those race buggy than straight axle truck with oversize tamiya nisssan kingcab4wheels.  Originally this truck was officially released in 1989, back in the late 80's this red, blue and white race themed NISSAN KING CAB was very popular body kit theme used by several other R/C brand other than TAMIYA. Back to present day its hard to find this type of R/C truck neither expected  to be re-release... i don't think so. At the time of writing this article its hardly any trucks that looks like the TAMIYA NISSAN KING CAB designs, nowadays mostly race class trucks comes in 'Truggy' type chassis or full wide arm monster truck basher which neither both looks as scaled as the classic King Cab.

The TAMIYA NISSAN KING CAB was my childhood kiddy wish list or you can say my day dream truck when i only have $1 in my pocket, 27 years forward later this truck is highly collectibles and very hard to come, its even rare to see one on Ebay.  I did saw one in bad shape, body and chassis cracked all over places sold for about $1,000 dollar at 4/10 condition.  So with today 3d printing technology i manage to replicate this model from several pictures found online and got myself a King Cab on my hand after a month of 3d fabrication work using WL-Toys A212 4WD truck platform which i used to review about it last year on my review page section.  Once again i managed to re-lived my childhood nostalgia again and full filled my wishlist with another cool re-production of vintage TAMIYA!


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Specification & requirements:tamiya nisssan kingcab5

  1. You will need to have a 1:24 scale WL-Toys A212
  2. You will need Inkjet color printed to print the decals on A4 size paper without need to re-scale/resize.
  3. High resolution printing with 0.2mm or less nozzle and full inner filling density or max layer required to print the parts.  Parts that i printed is on ABS material.
  4. You will need to prepare various grid of sanding paper to smoothen the surface of 3D printed parts.
  5. For painting you will need to have TAMIYA acrylic/spray to paint the models to actual replica.


Complete assembly parts:

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How to:

Unlike the previous 3D printed TAMIYA buggy kit on SUBOTECH chassis the NISSAN KING CAB need no alteration of major modification to fit the kit right on its 1:24 scale WL-Toys A212 chassis.  Just create/drill a hole or strap a Velcro stickies to mount the bodyshell where you think its possible.  Fitting into other size chassis is possible but you need to rescale/resize the body via 3d tools or on 3d printing utilities.  However the supplied wheels have 'flat' hub (non-hex) style to fit into the wheel drive shaft build specifically for WL-Toys  A212 and its compatible series only.



alt Gallery | alt Download STL file for 3D printing (Already include printing decals sheet)



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Your shopping list to buy parts to build the above model:
* You can also use other type of 1:24 scale R/C chassis as long you can manual scale or resize the parts accordingly, however the supplied wheels kit are designed for A212 and its series only.


tamiya nisssan kingcab10WL-TOYS 1:24 A212 4WD RTR package:


Support and references:
Community support/Review article about 1:24 scale WL-Toys A212 and also other references.


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