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About: Extended battery panel for TURNIGY and FLYSKY 9X.

It can be annoying when you spend hours on the field and suddenly your Radio TX battery flat out on you.  This happens to me a lot especially when i'm out there doing FPV or droning for hours and have to bring multiple battery to swap frequently on xl rcp 50 ext batt 9x 29my TURNIGY 9X radio unit.   For this 9X series radio the max battery size it could fit in was the classic blue pack TURNIGY 3s 2650mah 3s 1C li-po battery. However since i lugged along with power hungry optional upgraded ratio transmitter module the quest for much higher capacity needed to add into the radio unit.  So i've decided to custom design myself a bigger extended size battery lid to fit over size battery pack raging from Li-po, Li-fe and cylindrical Li-on battery pack.

Currently i've manage to fit in higher capacity 3s 3500mah 8C '18650' size Li-on battery battery into the battery panel cavity which lasts hours of radio before it goes below 10.5v.  Battery drain rate depending on the TX output wattage but overall had more extra play time by almost 50% more than 3s 2650mah 3s 1C Li-po.  I've also added extra feature into this battery panel by adding extra battery output port which i can share the battery power to external R/C devices such as powering FPV video goggle, external radio transmitter or radio booster.  All this made possible by creating wired two output junction; one to radio unit and another goes to the female XT60 battery plug which can be slotted behind the 3d printed battery panel.

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Specification & requirements

This extended battery panel will only fit on TURNIGY 9X, FLYSKY TH9X radio controller and also compatible with old SPEKTRUM DX 7 silver radio too.  There's no guarantee it will fit on other brands or models of stick radio controller such as xl rcp 50 ext batt 9x 16the original JR unit since i don't have one in hand.  Below are list of radio with confirm 100% compatibility fit.

  • TURNIGY 9X radio
  • FLYSKY FS-TH9X radio
  • SPEKTRUM DX 7 (Old radio)

Added extra feature into this extended battery panel is an extra battery output port which you can be add extra power connection to female XT60 battery connector embedded into the side of the battery panel to power other external R/C pilot accessories or extension devices such as FPV video goggle, UHF TX module or radio booster.  This method allow 1x bigger radio battery to be shared with other R/C piloting devices.

Complete assembly parts:

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How to:

The attached *.STL file contain just one file for 3d printing. When 3d printing its best to choose with higher printing nozzle resolution and denser in-fill because the 3d printed battery panel have lower fitting tolerance and a fragile snap-lock tab to slide and latch into the radio back side casing.  Below are extra note when using this 'extended battery panel'.

  • If the 3d printed battery panel's tab unable to slide and lock into place then you might need to sand paper a bit some parts of the panel tab to allow proper fitting.
  • To use the extra battery sharing output extension on the side of the battery panel port you'll need female XT60 plug and at least 20AWG gauge power cable to custom build an adapter to connect the battery and also connection plug to radio battery slot.  Soldering skills required.

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