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This custom design swivel clamp case designed for Hobby King KK 2.0 multirotor flight controller board.  Consists of 3 parts: the base, main case and lid.   Designed for easy access maintenance and extra protection to the buttons and most importantly protect the LCD screen from impact damages.  The lid and the case can be swivel open or close by clamping into pivot rods tightly.  User can access or remove the KK2.0 board by hands tool-less by lifting the swivel case up, this sometimes usefull for quick cleaning and maintenance purposes.





  1. altSupport KK2.0 flight controller board from Hobby King.
  2. Swivel lid design to protect the button and LCD screen from shattered upon top impact.
  3. Swivel clamping case where user able to open by lifting the case up like a door and access the KK2.0 controller board for quick removal or dust cleaning.



  1. KK2 board from Hobby
  2. 4x screw for the KK2.0 board and 4x screw for base case/double tape to attached to the multirotor frame.
  3. After 3D printing required sand paper some parts such as pivot road to ensure smooth swivel action and accurate clamping.



Complete assembly parts:




Blow-out parts:




tbHow to:

Its very easy, just 3D print, scrap excess plastic, sand paper few parts for smooth swivel/assembly and snap them together. No glue required but only need zip tie, screw or double tape to attached to your multirotor frame.



alt Gallery | alt Download STL file for 3D printing



Your shopping list to buy for this project:

  1. HOBBY KING KK2.1 Multi-rotor LCD flight control board (only compatible with minor mods to accomodate extra servo/pin holes.  The original project was designed for KK2.0 but was obselete  due to new 2.1 replacement)