You want to add extra axle such as front axle? Problem? Don't worry cause instant axle tutorial is here to lighten up your brain.


Tools to be used in tutorial:

updated : 6/11/2002

How to add extra axle.

About stock axle- Default stock truck (original trucks that comes with the game) usually come with only rear axle while the front is usually uses independent suspension which required no rigid axle like the ones on the rear. Most custom truck made by custom truck maker uses both rigid axle because they look cool and popularly used by 4x4 rock-crawler truck fans.

Step 1- Add extra axle in Z-modeler

  1. Start your Z-modeler application and open/ import your truck *.smf file.
  2. If you're open a stock truck defaulted with single rear axle, it should be available under object/parts naming "AxleR". [as shown on image below]


  3. To add front axle you need to duplicate or copy rear axle (AxleR) and rename new copy as "AxleF" or known as the front axle.
  4. Go to the bottom right menu bar scroll through the list of 3d parts and search for "AxleR".
  5. Once you found it select/highlight the "AxleR" name and right click. A small menu will pop-up. Click [Create Copy] to copy/duplicate the axle and rename the new copy as "AxleF" (front axle). [as shown on image below]


  6. Now you got two axle "AxleR" (rear axle) and "Axle F" (front axle). Caution: Do not rename either axle under different naming else the axle parts cannot be read by the game.
  7. Since the front axle surface are facing on the rear direction you'll need to mirror the position.
  8. Hide all object except "AxleR" parts
  9. Select/highlight the parts "AxleR"
  10. Go to the top menu/ toolbox and select [Objects] icon. (small icon with image of wire framed box).
  11. On the left side of the top menu/ toolbox click the [X] axis to reposition the object via mirrored horizontal orientation. You can use other such as [Y] or [Z] axis depends on where the object needs to be mirrored.
  12. Then click the right menu bar and click [Modify...] >> [Mirror].
  13. Finally click the selected/highlighted object "AxleR" to mirror it to the front of the truck.
  14. You can move the position of "AxleF" below the front truck or just leave it leave as it is in Z-modeler. [as shown on image below]


  15. The game can automatically rearrange the position of the front and rear axle depends on where the on how the front and rear wheel are positioned. To edit the position you'll need to edit the truck's *.TRK file located under unpodded "Truck" folder.
  16. Save your truck *.smf file and go the the next step (Step 2 - *.trk editing)

Step 2- *.TRK editing (add extra axle).

  1. Open your truck *.TRK file using "Notepad.exe" or other compatible text editor. *.TRK file can be located under "Truck" folder after you've unpod your truck using "PODTOOL" or "Winpod" utility.
  2. Open the file and look for these headings [frontSuspType] and [rearSuspType].
  3. Once you've found these heading inside your *.TRK file edit these configuration/value according to the *.TRK setup value shown below.
    Modifying value for front and rear axle in *.TRK file.
    frontSuspType <
    1 <<-------------------------------------------------------[0] -Independent, [1] -Solid Axle
    rearSuspType < 1 <<------------------------------------------------------[0] -Independent, [1] -Solid Axle
    Instrument Cluster


  4. The position of both front and rear axle are automatically align by the game itself as how the front and rear wheels are position through the *.TRK setup.
  5. Finish? Then you can save the *.TRK file.
  6. POD the whole car/truck file and enjoy your new added axle.