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Designed to ease the task soldering DIY 5.8ghz FPV antenna for both video transmitter (Clover Leaf/3 petal) and receiver (SPW/4 petal). Below are list of special feature of my antenna jigs compared to common and commercial version:

Special features:

  1. Main antenna trunk clipping to clip coaxial trunk cable into center position and hands free soldering.
  2. Clover leaf/SPW mini clip groove, to solid position the petals into position
  3. Bigger hole clearance for soldering both object.


Final 3D printing production are made from ABS material. This tools comes in pairs: Clover Leaf jig & SPW jig.  These jig are designed for 5.8ghz CL/SPW antenna build for FPV use.


alt Gallery | alt Download STL file for 3D printing



Similar finished products/Compatibility/You Shopping list:

  1. This CL/SPWantenna build compatible with: Boscam 5.8ghz combo set
  2. This SPW antenna build compatible with: Boscam Thunderbolt 5.8ghz 32CH RC905 receiver
  3. This SPW antenna build compatible with: Fatshark Dominator 5.8ghz receiver module
  4. If you're lazy to build you can buy this:  5.8ghz FPV antenna set
  5. Similar performance antenna build:  5.8ghz boscam FPV antenna
  6. RTF models moddable antenna: HUBSAN H107D FPV Quadcopter
  7. RTF models moddable antenna: WALKERA QR Y100 FPV Hexacopter
  8. RTF models moddable antenna: PANDORA WARRIOR FPV Helicopter