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Designed for FPV accessories for TURNIGY 9XR radio transmitter. This tb_rcp2_1design is an answer to my need to provide flexibility to attach FPV and telemetry equipment on this radio and at the same time provide distance clearance for the main antenna (both Omni and Directional patch type) and sensitive hardware from signal obstruction and interference.  Works great as antenna tracker since all Patch antenna can be align parallely. This is my innovation design parts to provide the below function:


  1. Integrated radio stand.
  2. LCD mounting for FPV used or tablet.
  3. Modular detacheable back cage pack to put battery, wiring or FPV hardware eg: booster.  This module can be detached or swinged into position.
  4. Expandability for future add-on by clipping extra mods to the rods railing.
  5. Effective bio-mechanical "antenna tracker".  The parallel setup on video and radio transmitter patch antenna allow more Line Of Sight tracking of models up in the air by moving position of your arm and body while listening to your telemetryand video signal.  Good alternative to an expensive ATT solution.

Final production made from plastic ABS, assembly is as easy as snapping in the plastic together without glue.



Complete assembly parts:


Blow-out parts:




  1. TURNIGY 9XR radio set from
  2. 2x metal screw/bolt to fit in the LCD screen tray and as main pivot (For got the size but i dig it randomly from hardware stores).
  3. 2x screw to attach the unit behind the 9X transmitter radio  (Not sure what size it is but i dig a pair hex nut from my 450 quad copter screw).
  4. The back radio modular detacheable cage could easily fit 2200mah 3s 40c lipo or more wider.



* Updates: 11 February 2014

Some missing parts was reported, so i already made a replacement adding the mismatched parts and missing ones. Sorry accidentally jumble with others object. Now you can fully download complete assembly.
Thanks to user for support and notification.


alt Gallery | alt Download STL file for 3D printing



Your shopping list/Hardwares/Compatible parts:

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  4. Mountable FPV item: BOSCAM RC800 7" FPV monitor
  5. Mountable FPV item: BOSCAM FPV RC58-32CH receiver auto signal search
  6. Mountable FPV item: BOSCAM RX-LCD5802 7" monitor