Doesn't look attractive nor sophisticated  in your view.  This tit bits of plastic hub caps designed for 3D profile planes or Multirotor FPV/UAV models does wonders and solve much of home made Multirotor/UAV drones.


This is proppeller center hub cap,   designed to help "centering" any commonly used proppeller (shaft sized*) that uses proppeller saver adapter/rubber tied type adapter to lock the proppeller into the motor shaft.  COmmercially marketted prop collet/saver locks the prop but it doesn't completely centralized the position of the proppeller hub parallel to the motor shaft unliked bolted type proppeller adapter/collet. Slight nano milimeters off-set the center hub causes the prop to spin unbalance and will wobble/jello the onboard video camera.  By inserting this simple little hub i designed  helps to equally spaced the distance between the center motor shaft and the proppeller hub so the whole rotor well balanced and spin smoothly.



Dimension details:

  • Motor shaft diameter size: 0.3cm.
  • Inner proppeller hole/hub diameter size: 0.53cm.
  • Inner insert/sink cyclinder length: 0.5cm.
  • For proppeller that uses prop saver type adapter.
  • Fits on popular GWS type proppeller HD/SF with prop size between 8"~12" for multirotor or profile 3D plane.




Object view:





How to:

After normal proppeller installation on the prop saver/collect, just insert the hub cap above the motor shaft and press down towards the motor and propeller hub till tight fit.

Download the *.STL  3D printing file below to proceed.


alt Download STL file for 3D printing