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The smallest 3d printed pan-tilt set for FPV:
XL-RCP 14.0 HAWX EYE : Nano camera pan-tilt for 808 #16.

Scan this QR Code to view other link.tb rcp14 42I came out an idea to design a pan-tilt camera set small and light enough to be mounted on the nose of a small plane without affecting the CG (Center Gravity) for the use of FPV flight (First Person View).  Also most importantly giving me a good full freedom viewing from all angle at close ground proximity flight without being obstructed by cockpit dash view and wings.  Originally i had both plane: Drifter Ultralight on FPV using pan only via 808 #16 HD camera keychain with live video output to wireless feed flying via cockpit view to simulate realistic in-cockpit flight experience. However after years of flight its time to convert one of the Drifter Ultralight into "Search and Rescue" style FPV drone like capability which able to fly low altitude and camera able to browse at extremely lower angle to check out ground details and tracking discreet movement below the flight model.

By default it was designed to be placed under the plane nose with high clearance from the ground which elevated by the height of the landing gear.  By placing underneath pilot and viewer able to view clean unobstructed scenery unlike traditional cockpit mounted pan-tilt camera set.  However this set can be mounted vice versa upwards into the cockpit with slight adjustment to the tilt arm (parts: tilt_arm.stl) and lens module (parts: lens_socket.stl).


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tb rcp14 6This kit is to be used with stripped "808 #16 V2 HD Key chain camera" with camera lens extension cable and 2x micro servo connected to default available channel port on the receiver (eg: ch7 and ch6) via head tracking unit to sync tb rcp14 43the pilot head movement with the set.  Please check the parts list below the page for raw assembly unit.

This 3d printed kit consist of 4x parts: the "lens_socket.stl", "tilt_arm.stl", "tilt_servo_holder.stl" and "pan_servo_base.stl". 4th optional parts the "808_mounting_board.stl" also included to mount the camera main board without original black case to trim the weight down.   Required or recommended to be 3D print using plastic ABS material for rigid structure.  Once done printing user only need to shed off support material and snap in all the required electronic hardware by hand.  There need some servo screws needed to secure the servo pivot shaft and pan servo. Hot glue needed to snap and secure the tilt servo placement and also require to glue the "lens socket" to "tilt_arm" and  "pan_servo_base" embedded into the surface of the plane either below the nose, inside the cockpit or where you prefered.


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Specification & requirements:

  1. Camera:  808 #16 V2 keychain camera with 120 D-lens.
  2. Servo: 2x 3.5g micro servo. Dimensions (LxWxH): 19x8.5x20mm.
  3. Camera extension cable:  Extension cable to extend the camera lens module away from 808 #16 board.
  4. Screws, super glue and hot glue needed for the installation procedure


Complete assembly parts:

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Blow-out parts:

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How to:

  1. tb rcp14 5Install the pan servo into "pan_servo_base.stl" and screw it firmly into the screw tab.  Then embedded into your preferred surface on your plane either under the nose or inside the cockpit.
  2. Then insert pan servo pivot shaft below the "tilt_servo_holder.stl" socket and screw it in.
  3. Place tilt servo into "tilt_servo_holder.stl" and secure it in place using hot glue.
  4. Then insert the "tilt_arm.stl" into the tilt servo pivot shaft and screw it firmly.
  5. Insert the "lens_socket.stl" into the tip of the of the "tilt_arm.stl" where the insertion hole located.
  6. Install the 808 #16 V2 camera lens module into the "lens socket.stl" socket joint. Carefully route the cable through the "tilt_arm.stl" cable holder for clean installation.  Adjust the tilt angle of the "lens_socket.stl" at your preferred angle before glue it permanently for tight installation at the socket joint.
  7. Route all your servo cable and lens cable clean and plug into your respective Radio Control receiver port and camera board.
  8. The "808_mouting_board.stl" is optional installation parts for your caseless style 808 camera pcb board.

Please refer to the gallery folder for images reference/manual once done download the zip file and extraction.  Set your 3D printed to more denser printing material for robust and rigid product output.



alt Gallery | alt Download STL file for 3D printing | alt Download Development *.3DS kit only



tb rcp14 30Your shopping list to buy parts to build the above model (100% fit unless mentioned "Compatible"):):

  1. Camera and accessories:
  2. Servo:

*** I couldn't guarantee the item servo sizing compatibility will do any "perfect" fitting into this kit because in the market the are many manufacturer designed in different dimension size with slightly 5%~10% different in measurement. However you can still edit the supplied *.3DS to match the fitting and compile back to *.STL for re-printing.