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About: Mini camera mounting kit on helmet.
I decided to design these camera mounting parts for my cycling helmet because the commercial version are too bulky, impractical to fit in and heavy on my helmet plus pretty expensive (especially Go Pro and SJCAM compatible accessories) to just to installed in on all 6x cycling helmets that i owned.  Majority commercial mounts are build to fit in cubic shaped or Go Pro Hero style casing which is not compatible to fit the lighter, smaller, less bulky and more aero looking HD camera such as the RUNCAM 1, RUNCAM 2, MOBIUS series, 808 #16 HD and FOXEER variants of candy bar style cameras which all of there require flat bed mounting.

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The camera mounting kit for my cycling helmet that i design consist only 2 basic 3d printed parts (but also required a nut and a bolt for pivot); the (a)Base mount and the (b)Camera mount.   Unlike most helmet mounting kit available in the market this one design to have small base footprint so it could sit on narrow surface and easily stick and zip ties around the helmet through vents because most cycling helmets have lots of ventilation holts results in less area fir the mounting to seat properly on the helmet.  The camera mount have top flat bed surface so i could stick on 3M double sided tape to stick my mini candy bar size HD camera like RUNCAM 1 (most popular smallxl rcp46 cam helmet 22 lightweight camera i used on my drones or sport action activities due to their tiny size.).  The camera also can be reinforced on its base by strapping 2x small zip ties since the lower base have zip ties railing.  This 3d printed helmet camera mounting also have USB cable holder also to hold the cables in place.  I usually connect mini USB cable between the camera and Power Bank to power my camera for hours previously have issues with long cables dangling freely as i cycle about and causes tangle and accidentally detached the USB plug from the camera, so this holder will keep the cables steady in place.


Specification & requirements for full assembly:

  1. Part (a) Base mount.
  2. Part (b) Camera mount
  3. Screw and bolts for pivot.
  4. Some zip ties and 3M double sided tape.


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Compatible cameras:
Here are popular list of candy bar style HD camera that can fit on this mounting kit:

There are lots of similar mini HD camera available in the market but only the above are most popular used especially by R/C modeler, Aerial Photography/drone or FPV user and also recreational sports use.


Complete assembly parts:

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Blow-out parts:
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How to:

Just 3D print according to your preferred printing resolution and material of your choices.  After printing all you need to do after that is add sticky tape under the (a)base mount then zip tie it or lace through the side hole on your cycling helmet.  The (b)camera mount flat surface designed to mount mini camera via sticky tape ideal to stick on any candy bar style keychain size camera as mentioned previously. You can also secure it tight by lacing zip ties around the camera, below the base of camera have guide rails to hold two zip ties in position.


alt Gallery | alt Download STL file for 3D printing


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