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FPV/UAV ground station kit: XL-RCM 20.0 FPV/UAV Ground Station II

xlrcm 20 gs2 28qrcode 20 gs2Build as a static hotspot and telemetry data communication center to bridge communication between my FPV/UAV plane and the user (me).  To summaries in one word  its a "command center" for Drone/FPV/UAV operation mounted on common tripod stand.  If you wanted to know more here links about basic info about ground station as describe in this links at my website: Click Here for old Ground Station setup.

If you've been following my activity for throughout many years you'll notice i always have a ground station to monitor, record live flight activity and also a place where people can view FPV?UAV/Drone flight through mounted LCD screen which these mentioned hardware strapped on to a tripod stand.  As my activity and my flying model evolve into full autonomous flight where most flight are highly computerized and autonomous which need a computer to control my drone back into the air wirelessly so toos a need for additional equipment to strap on to the tripod than just an FPV - LCD monitor.  This 3d printed kit i designed allow multiple mountings of necessary equipment to be mounted on the tripod via place holders which listed below:

Exact type hardware specification that fits 100%:

  • 3D Robotics (3DR) radio telemetry module:  Receiving real-time radio telemetry communication in the air
  • 3DR/MWC Bluetooth module:  Distribute/Sending/relay(Hotspot) data to my smartphone which located away from ground station.
  • BOSCAM pocket size DVR:  Record live FPV OSD flight.
  • BOSCAM video receiver module:  Receive live video feed of the flight.
  • Android Tablet (ASUS FonePad size):  Data/command center for planning flight mission, monitoring plane telemetry, flight route and "touch" to control.


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The ground station mounting kit that i designed  "XL-RCM 20.0 FPV/UAV Ground Station II"  was an improvement over my old ground station (For Ground Station I earlier version please visit this links here: Click Here for old Ground Station setup.) which allow each mounted hardware to be remove modularly via bolting and able to mount various type of configuration and wiring setup via zip ties .  The innovative design of antenna extension arm high above the ground station allow flexibility to move the antenna around to sync with the flying model antenna orientation and also to isolate electronic noises from surrounding gadgets.
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This 3d printed kit consist of 6x (*.STL) 3d print parts which together assembled via tripod/camera swivel type bolts and nuts as shown below list (arrange in sequences from top parts to downwards):

  • arm_tele.stl
  • javascript:;
  • arm_extension.stl
  • visor.stl   
  • holder_dvr.stl
  • pivot.stl
  • holder_tablet.stl


Complete assembly parts:

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Blow-out parts:

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How to:

Oncxlrcm 20 gs2 20e printed and parts completely cleaned assembly are pretty straight forward.  First you'll need a stable camera tripod with mounting adapter build to mount sports camera such as GoPro.  Then follow the picture/schematics above to stack all the parts as shown.  Each parts are bolted together using nuts and bolts similar size used to bolt GoPro size camera case into the tripod mounting adapter.  The top crane like arm is use to mount the USB stick size 3DR telemetry radio, it can swivel around to move antenna into various angle to match the orientation of antenna mounted on the plane.  The second small square size mounting below visor is suitab

You'll need a standard size bolt commonly used to clamp pivoted camera swivel onto the tripod and also to link various STL file that have been printed. No gluing necessary.  Any unstandardized size gadget fitting into this ground station kit can be solve by mounting it using double sticky tape or size ties.



alt Gallery | alt Video sample of usage | alt Download STL file for 3D printing







Your shopping list to buy parts to build the above assembly (100% fit unless mentioned "Compatible"):

  1. 3DR Telemetry radio/bluetooth module:
  2. FPV DVR unit:
  3. Tablets/Android:
  4. FPV video receiver module/combo:
  5. Tripod mounting adapter to link to ground station kit:
  6. Tripod set:

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