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DJI Phantom V1/V2 wide landing gear kit: XL-RCP 22.0 Wide landing gear kit

tb rcp22 lg kit 2qrcode 22 lgThis is new improve landing gear to replace the original stock landing gear on DJI PHANTOM V1 and V2 series that was too narrow and short causing multiple problem such as tilt over and crash during uneven landing and not enough ground clearance to mount camera between the landing gear.  So i decided to design and 3d print a new set of landing gear to solve the mentioned problem for my Phantom drone as described the above title.  Not only its has wider stance and tall but also being stick rod type design allow it to land any where 'all terrain' poking any uneven ground without being tilt by several ground obstacles especially on tall grass where conventional heli type low horizontal landing skid design fail previously. 

Compatibility fittings 100%:

  • DJI Phantom V1 series and FC40
  • DJI Phantom V2 series and Vision

Wide landing gear advantages (XL-RCP 22.0):

  • Wide stance, makes it easier to land and less tilting accident.
  • Taller and wider stance allow maximum space for camera and gimbal fittings.
  • No direct prop wash resistance since the leg are directly under the rotor arm.
  • Single leg design allow easy landing on various rough terrains especially on grasses and narrow crevasse.
  • Spread like landing rod allow ideal mounting of radio devices that required L.O.S (Line Of Sight) radio transmission.

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tb rcp22 lg kit 15This kit suppose to be use on carbon fiber rod with outer diameters of 1.2cm for optimal lightweight and rigid combo but user can 3d print it using the supplied rod.stl meshes and resize the length according to your requirement. 

This 3d printed kit consist of 4x (*.STL) 3d print parts which together can be easily hand assemble without gluing.  You'll need to print 4x combos to complete 4 side for complete landing gear assembly on your DJI Phantom drone except "clamp.stl" part which only needed to print if you need to mount specific parts on the leg eg: video transmitter module, receiver, telemetry and other modular devices need to be hook up on the legs.

  • leg_mount.stl
  • rod.stl  (recomended using 1.2cm diameter carbon fiber rod insteal of *.stl )
  • clamp.stl
  • bottom_cap.stl


Complete assembly parts:

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Blow-out parts:

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tb rcp22 lg kit 16How to:

Just follow the schematics image above to assemble it.  Easily hand assemble and no gluing need. However depending your printing nozzle size the "rod.stl" parts may need to sand down the end parts to enable fitting, if loose fitting then gluing is needed instead. Like i mentioned before its best to use carbon rod with outer diameter of 1.2cm as landing gear rod for extra rigidity and lighweightness.


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