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tb rcp24 sjm10 case 9Aerial camera gimbal casing: XL-RCP 24.0 SJCAM M10 series camera gimbal casing.

qrcode 24 sjI design this casing to accommodate my new SJCAM M10+ action camera to bolt into my multi-rotor/quadcopter/drone platform for aerial photography works.  The original casing provided by the manufacturer that is compatible for use on multi-rotor/quadcopter or any camera platform attachment was too heavy and tedious to use especially when pushing the button around the camera when its already mounted, plus it has no protection against lens scratches which prone to happen during usage.  So the new gimbal casing (XL-RCP 24.0) for SJCAM M10 helps to solve the above problem with some extra features.

Camera type compatibility fittings 100%:

  • Sport/action camera: SJCAM M10+ (Plus)
  • Sport/action camera: SJCAM M10


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SJCAM M10+ new gimbal casing design advantages (XL-RCP 24.0):

  • Lighter, tight fittings and universally attachable on any multi-rotor platform
  • Lens hood to protect lens from damages and control unwanted lens flare or excessive light ambient.
  • Camera attachment pivot angle accurately located at desired camera angle face down 45 degree CG (Center Gravity) when unscrew loosely.
  • All buttons on the SJCAM M10 are easily accessible by thumb press access without any obstacles from the casing frame itself unlike stock casing that provided by manufacturer where the buttons exactly below the pivot bolting.


This 3d printed kit consist of only one parts (sjcam_m10_plus_case.stl) which can be easily install straight away after 3D printing and clean up.

  • sjcam_m10_plus_case.stl


Complete assembly parts:

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tb rcp24 sjm10 case 22How to:

No parts assembly required, just 3D print, remove/clean up the remaining support and installed with the SJCAM M10 (PLUS) camera into the 3D printed casing and bolt into universal stock gimbal adapter on your multi-rotor or compatible camera mounting platform.


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Your shopping list of compatible camera fitting set:

  1. SJCAM M10 camera series:


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